Securely Collaborate

With AdHoc Flow™, say goodbye to fixed workflows and work spaces.  AdHoc Flow™ in FlowVU® gives you the ad hoc flexibility to do your work without having to have predetermined routing or work sites to get your work done.  

Always provide Input for Any Assigned Collaboration. Every AdHoc Flow™ document for which you are assigned can be continuously commented on using the AdHoc Flow™ comment stream. 

Say goodbye to email attachment searches. Use FlowVU® with its document and version control features in one place in lieu of searching for emails with attachments scattered over share drives.  

No confusion on the correct document version. Gone is the need to manually control document versions.  FlowVU® keeps everyone automatically current with the latest version of the document and allows you to see all previous versions as well for complete version control.

No More Sweating Out Status Reports for Management. Download the current status of your FlowVU® folders and AdHoc Flows™ for your use in making charts and reports for management 24/7.

Work in One Secure Folder 

Securely do your work.  Whether you are a commercial company, a government contractor or a DOD or government organization, you can work with the knowledge that Project Hosts provides the security protection for all your work in the FlowVU® application.

Want to Discuss Something? Use the simple Discussion template to kick around ideas and create new thought.  Allows you to securely discuss your ideas with or without any time constraints-it is all up to you. 

Want to Task Something? Use the simple Task template to task your work, know where it is and when it will be done.  FlowVU® Task template breaks down the natural process into simple steps.  Step not needed? You just eliminate it with one click. Know where all of your process steps and work content is at all times and if it will be done on time. 

Want to Manage Something? Use the simple Milestone Manager template to manage your work progress.  All processes have deadlines or milestones that they have to meet.  FlowVU® Milestone Manager template allows you to set up milestones and manage their timeliness. You control it all.

Want a Custom Configuration? FlowVU® can be configured for all of your unique business process needs without any custom coding or security recertification.  Call us to learn more about this service offered. 

No Missed Deadlines. Allows everyone on the team to see where the work is and if it will be done on time- real-time- on your personal dashboard.

No more Lost Files. All content is kept in a FlowVU® electronic folder that can be easily searched and found using FlowVU’s® easy to use search engine.  

No Guessing on the Percent of the effort complete. FlowVU® provides you with the percent of your effort complete  for each collaboration and for the entire effort as well.  

No more scrapbooks.  No need to have to search for documents attached to emails in share drives.  All of your documents, actions and activities are kept in one electronic FlowVU® folder for the life of the effort.  

No more debate on what was the final work content.  Make your folder a record.  When finished with your work content, you can easily make your whole folder or any document unable to be altered and locked down as a record.